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me: *gets jealous*
me: chill

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I dont drink to have fun, I can have fun without alcohol. 
I drink to not feel shit.

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Anonymous asked: who has your attention

Dont trip

Anonymous asked: Is it the girl you in luv with

Dont trip

Anonymous asked: Anyone caught your eye lately

I dont know. Only one person really ever has my attention

Anonymous asked: Hi



Great. you’re leaving… AGAIN. Totes did not see that coming 

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I like drinking coffee alone, and reading alone.

I like riding the bus  alone, and walking home alone.
It gives me time to think, and set my mind free.

I like eating alone, and listening to music alone.

But when I see a mother with her child, a girl with her lover, or a friend laughing with their best friend, I realize that even though I like being alone, I don’t fancy being lonely.

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Inferno on the dance floor 👌